Christmas Tree Ornaments   


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Theese stunning designs look amazing 

on the Christmas tree, but also tied to the top 

of each Christmas gift, greeting card or stocking.


Stars, Hearts, Flowers, Bells, Trees, Horses, Angels, Candy Canes

Size:3x3 inch

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                                      SO1                                                                  SO2







                                          SO3                                                                    SO4






                                         SO5                      SO6       







                           SO7                                                                                  SO8





       Temporary pictures:

                                                           SO9                                                                  SO 10










     SO 11                              SO 12







Flowers          FO1                                                                         FO 2

Size:3x3 inch

To Order




                         FO 3                            FO 4







               FO 5





Size: 3x3

 HO 1

To Order





Bells   Optional: To put the name above the red bottom line

Size: 2.5x2.5 inch

 BO 1

To Order







Horses Optional: To put the name in the space under the seat 

Size: 4x3 inch 

KO 1

To Order









 Candy Canes 

Size: 5x2.5 inch

CO 1

To Order







Angels    Optional: To put the name on the bottom of the skirt


AO 1

To Order











To Order

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