How to order

Home Honeybread Christmas Order Form       

Please notice, that making the honeybread by traditional procedure takes one week. 

With combination of other orders it might take two or more weeks to complete your order. 

Depends on the amount of honeybread you need, if you would like to secure your order, the sooner the better! 

(Since November 1st, please first call to check, if there is still room available)


You can place your order by phone or text message: 604-728 3614,         

or by e-mail:


Sorry, no returns / refund!

After  years of experience, we always insure that our product is #1 quality. 

Longetivity of the product fully depends on careful handling and environment which it is placed in. Please read in Instructions everything you need to know to keep your honeybread decorations beautiful for two-five years (or even more).

Thank You for supporting the local folk artist!