Honeybread Houses  Home Honeybread Christmas To order  Contact                                                         Through 15 years of baking, 

                                                         I gradually , step by step,

                                                               evolved my own style.  

                                                               I do two types of roofs:  

                                              Snowy, and ornamental.

                                                   ornaments on the front wall 

                                         are usually very similar on every house. 

There is an option to put a family name or wish under the heart window instead of a red cookie .

I combine many beautiful line patterns for the bottom of the walls, so every house is different and original.

The little tree in front of the house is always 3D , as on the right picture.

There are Christmas tree lights behind the left front window, and the floor is spread with ginger bread spice. 

When the lights  are on, beautiful smell escapes the house. 



H 1                                                                                                           H 2                                                                                                 








Size: Base:  approximately 11x8 inches, height:  9.5 inches. Battery included


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