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                                        A Brief introduction to Slavic and Slovakian people’s history and culture  

                           This in-house fieldtrip can include a variety of topics and activities:

1. Old traditional folk costumes, their origin, their variations, their purpose and meaning and how that was communicated through design and material. Also covered is how the costumes were made.

The sources - hemp, flax, wool, fur 

The tools – the spinning wheel for threads and the loom for fabric                                                                                         

The embroidery – it’s meaning and imprints on generations                                                                                                 

Display of two actual masterpieces of ceremonial folk costumes, 

traditionally homemade-created 60 and 100 years ago       


2. Singing old folk songs                                                                                                                                                    

Introduction to the sounds and rhythm of the language, using repetition, clapping, and rhythm shakers


3. Dancing old folk dances (great for daily Physical Activity program) 

Introduction to traditional folk music and circle or pair dance                                                              

Accessories - girls wear ribbons in their hair while dancing –the sign of unmarried women






4.Old folk art – crafts: 


Introduction to the thousand(s) year old honey bread tradition, it’s history, traditional production methods and ingredients.  Decorating – hands on opportunity for students to learn patterns and techniques to ice their honeybread cookies (patterns depend on the closest event (Valentines Day, Easter, Thanks giving day, Halloween, Christmas…)  

5. Janosik, Slovakian Robin Hood : Listen to the 300year old story of hero, 

who sacrificed his life  for poor     

New projects in development:     

Slovakian Easter eggs               Slovakian cornhusk dolls                    Straw-ornaments