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Ingredients:  Unbleached wheat or rye flour, honey, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, baking soda, salt, cloves, anise star, fennel seeds, anise, lemon, starch, in icing-food colors and optionally various candy - decorations or glitters.

 Always check for wooden picks and strings  before eating honeybread constructions! Choking hazard!


Some constructions are connected with sharp inch long wooden sticks!

(Sleighs, Angels-Trio)

Other constructions are connected by strings, or both  (the house).

Discard the string from the Christmas tree ornaments before consuming.

Caution Pets (and pests) love it! 

Make sure, that the honeybread decorations are free of the picks and strings before giving it to children or pets !


Please consider eating honeybread decorations wisely 

after displaying it!

Like any other food (cookies), it is suitable for eating 

just a reasonable time after unpacking. (dust, air born bacteria, etc.) 

We don't recommend eating honeybread which was exposed -

uncovered for too long of a time (more than a few hours), 

especially if many people passing by.


Delicious honeybread safe to eat:

                                                School snack, light breakfast



                         Tastes the best up to three months.

                         Traditionally spread with plum, 

                         now-a-days hazelnut butter (Nutella) 

                         and fruit (apple) on the side.

Grandmas like to just pour the edge into milk before each bite.


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